FUZED, a Monthly Magazine Interested in Everything Related to Interior Design Architecture, Real Estate, Fine Arts, Products and we Introduce Unique and Explosive Ideas from Around The World to Meet All The Needs of Design Seekers.

To became the ultimate reference for designers from customers to companies at middle east and abroad
. To make the magazine the meeting point, liaison and window for all workers in the sectors of designs . Make the magazine the mean most effective for all who are searching for the scientific, real, modern and certified information about the products and the new designs around the world . Make the magazine a real "Window" for the sector of construction and interior design by connecting the companies and designers alongside with customers . Make the magazine the most used mean by the customers in order to raise his culture level at design sector . The magazine aims at make the workers and sectors related to construction and interior design in Egypt as one unit by putting the producer and the manufacturer in front of the designer, investor, and normal user . Magazine aims creating in general, an interactive society between the customers and market to be as a way and he can connect and deal by the market.