Investing the Success Achieved in France to Be Replicated in Egypt

Since its establishment in Paris, 5 years ago, The French SS Déco for general contracting and designs has been a safe shelter that clients deal with to get the finishing works done in top quality and according to international specifications. To know the details of a crucial stage in the firm’s journey, we were proud to have an interview with Mr. Samy Waly on which we built this article.

The origin

The company started its work in 2017, “From day 1, we looked for integrity.” Samy stated. Within a short time, the company became popular, and at the moment one project is completed, another one is started, “Although we were considered a small company at that time, we became popular due to the positive word of mouth we have enjoyed.” This led to attract a list of big clients like GCG, AXA, and Autorité de Régulation des Activités Ferroviaires (French Railway Authority). “We deliver turnkey services that start from putting the design that meets the client’s needs to the end by implementing the visualized concept into reality.” 

Opening a New Branch

For his Egyptian origin, Mr. Waly found it’d be a perfect time to transfer the experience his company acquired from France to be in Egypt as well. “Six months ago, we opened our new branch in Cairo and we are sure that the market will absorb the new ideas SS is planting.”

Exclusive Benefits for the Client

SS Déco doesn’t only introduce new implementation techniques to the market but it also introduces new policies that will support the client at every stage, before signing the contract, during the implementation of the agreed on works, and after the works are delivered. All used materials are imported from the best manufacturers abroad and SS Déco puts time as the first priority. “After the client receives the works, we make a call every 3 months to check if there’s a problem that needs our help, 1-year insurance.” SS Déco offers special packages related to design to make the client satisfied with the concept and the budget.

Hazem Ashraf

Digital Marketeer and Content Writer

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