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July 2021
July 2021
And it was in this same year that Mr. McBreen’s first campaign took off in the first week of February. His campaign has been bolstered, by a successful second week of publicity, with an interview with The New York Times on his podcast, The Political Report, where he discusses his campaign’s approach to the state and national issues. As far as I know he has no official position on that issue. (A spokesperson for the Iowa campaign did not respond, but his campaign did share his views on abortion.) Then of all things, Senator Tom Cotton’s latest video was delivered by the man whose name I never thought I’d see in some official capacity. A man who, of course, has been critical of President Obama in the past and was even more vehement on the need for a “grand bargain” to be reached with Iran, with which he has so opposed a compromise deal. As far as we know, the Washington Post does not publish his campaign ads, which, aside from a couple brief mentions of Mr. McBreen and his book, is the only one I own as an official record of his comments. He did, however, do something much unique: In the video, he is apparently making an impassioned plea to a crowd of African American voters.

The first thing Mr. Reid says to get his group to do is talk to him.

On Monday, he delivered a video for his new campaign called America Beyond Rac
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