Babies & Kids Accessories in Ethiopia

Babies & Kids Accessories in Ethiopia
Babies & Kids Accessories in Ethiopia

*If you want to offer your product in bulk please contact us to allow us more time to make it.

*International shipping has a minimum standard.

*E-mail your order to info@babytamings.org

More products will be delivered on time

*We will do our best to ship each product in timely order.

*If you need help, call us today if you would like assistance by writing to customer service

*You MUST have access to access to customer service and we will be happy to assist Babies & Kids Accessories in Ethiopia


*Please see the information on our Baby Packaging for details:

*Babies’ boxes must be placed in a properly sealed container provided the container is properly sealed

*Each box must be placed in a fully secured container by 30 lbs. of cloth

Please note that a good idea for placing a baby inside a sleeping box depends on your baby’s temperament, body type, health, and other factors. It is our opinion that these things are as important as any other things you have for that baby. Our Baby Box program will usually be a little stressful with certain activities that you must do before you can begin that and are most important after the first couple days of life. I hope that all of you are doing the program it’s for. All