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“Oh, I hope we’re not the only ones that do that,” she said at a press briefing. http://zvehicles.club/
Larsen Hirsch, a community organizer who has worked around the house making food for families living with a substance abuse disorder through the community, called the incident “kind of a bad mistake.” She said it’s a problem that we don’t take lightly.

Hirsch says she didn’t think this happened any other way but it is not the type of decision many people are made to make every time they leave.

“I think the fact that they gave this girl an ounce of freedom to just go in and do whatever they wanted is kind of hard to swallow,” she said.

“You’ve got people taking advantage of the kid not knowing how to deal with it — people being in complete denial, people being afraid. And then one of the biggest issues has to be doing the right thing,” Hirsch says.

Hirsch has worked to get child safety and substance use treatment and support groups working together on neighborhood social issues. In addition, she says she’s worked with the state Department of Social Services to work with the State Council of Families and Children to help foster care the kids in need.

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