Project Data

The design of this house started in January 2011 and was developed several times depending on the 3 following approaches: First approach (Social Approach): After a lot of interviews and meeting with various classes of Egyptian society to reach a design manifesto for an Egyptian contemporary model that reflects the contemporary lifestyle and the Egyptian family aspirations as well in a perfect square house of total footprint 400 square meters.

The second Approach (Historical Approach): A thorough study of the Egyptian house development across history in a trial to revive some of the values eroded by time with a special focus on middle age houses (Al Suhaymi House).

The third approach was the environmental approach and it was based upon standing on the latest technologies for self-sufficiency and renewable energy resources appropriate for our climate.

The project location is in the Al-king Mariot area near Alexandria city. The Owner is AL- Sarh real estate, and the trial was to build a first prototype that could be adapted according to the needs of different families and climatic settings while preserving the main guidelines of the Egyptian lifestyle.