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Furniture industry for the modernizing of new ideas and forms of products, Which represents an added value to the product may increase its final value in a double form more than automatically or formally. The effectiveness and forums concerning the design, exhibitions, and workshops are on the top Of machinery which help in the conflation of the design process to the manufacturing which produces new ideas which contribute in the improvement Of products or in the production of new models to open multiple markets on the international level, and also to assure the access and contribution of the Egyptian designers in the international design market to produce designs and industries of design and furniture Egyptian and, international trademarks.

Cairo- Thousands Of purchasers met on both local and international levels with the top Egyptian manufacturers of furniture and furnishings in Furnex 2012 Exhibition, which its effectivenesses were starting in Cairo International Conferences in the period between 1st November to 4th November 2012, where about 150 Egyptian manufacturers were offering their modern products and productive abilities for the local visitors, worldwide purchasers who came from United States of America, Asia, Africa, Arab Countries, Middle East Countries in the Eighth circle Of the exhibition. Mr. Minister Engineer Hatem Saleh opened the effectivenesses Of the exhibition in its first days, which is built on 25000 Sqm, and also the Public Egyptian Authority for Exhibitions and Conferences organized the event, under the care of Exporting Council for Furniture and with the supervision Of Egyptian porters Association (Expolink).

Mr. Ehab Deryas, Head Of Exporting Council for Furniture, declared: “Furnex exhibition is one of the important exhibitions which are influential on the furniture sector in Egypt, whether on the local level or on the export level. As it was expected at the exhibition, it also realized a great success, preferability by the public and visits Of local purchasers were over 50.000 visitors. Furnex is related to a long-term strategy That aims at developing Of the sector’s level from the design and production Of the furniture in Egypt to the worldwide levels through exploitation Of the famous skill of the Egyptian industry, functioning it with the market’s needs”.

He added: “The exhibition was organized in this year by the cooperation With Public Egyptian Authority for Exhibitions and Conferences, and the exhibitors’ participation is supported by the Authority with the sums specified by Exports Development Fund to support the exhibitions directed to export. The experiences of the Egyptian Exporters Association were used in the organization to make the exhibition appear in the form of usual success and scope. The Public Egyptian Authority for Exhibitions and Conferences cooperated in the Field of organizing the eighth circle Of the exhibition.”

For his part, Mr. Shareef Abdul Hady, Chairman of Furniture and Wood Products Chamber and Vice-Chairman of the Exporting Council for Furniture, clarified that: ” on the sidelines of Furnex 2012 exhibition, and as perfecting of the success of Workshops “Design & Industry” in the last years from 2009, the “Competition of design” has been begun to increase the mixing of the design with the industry, where they displayed the initial models Of the winning designs

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in a specialized wing within the exhibition’s days on display space of about 600 sqm. The winners were being honored in the competition during the exhibition days, and golden and silver certificates were distributed to them by the competition Arbitration Committee which controlled their ideas and designs from the first stages till its initial models as an estimation and encouragement of their ideas and efforts which help in the development of the furniture industry especially, and the Egyptian industry in general, and also the mixing of design with the industry.”

Shareef Sadek, Vice-Chairman of Exporting Council for Furniture, added that: “This event represents one of the multiple initiatives which aim at the improvement of the Egyptian furniture exports which increased to more than seven-fold in five years, and in addition to the multiplication of the total production in this period, and the increasing of labor in this sector which equals to about one million of workers, Of whom about 600 thousand direct employment in the sector. Furnex is one of the ports, especially for the small and medium companies to go ahead towards the exportation and gaining the necessary skills for this purpose.”