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With more than ten years of experience, DSC is an engineering consulting firm that provides a comprehensive package of services In Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. DSC Offers consulting services for architectural design, urban design, interior design, and other engineering services, including electrical and electromechanical activities. DSC also supervises the execution process to ensure the final results adhere to the initial designs. 

King Faisal University Stadium

From urban planning to interior design, DSC’s team of passionate professionals offers innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the challenge at hand DSC’s aim is to construct buildings that are unique, aesthetically pleasing, and environment-friendly. DSC works to ensure beauty, character, and comfort in the environments and lifestyles of the future.

One of the most fundamental reasons behind DSC’s success is their main dependence on highly competent individuals and LEED-certified engineers. Our multidisciplinary staff closely collaborates on creative concepts and technical details, working together to produce innovative, sustainable environments with carefully coordinated systems and aesthetics that bespeak style and individuality.

Youth Center in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Green Associate staff members ensure that our projects meet international environmental standards. The DSC team functions as a diverSified yet united entity committed to collectively realizing the firm’s Vision. DSC is committed to producing spaces and communities that are functional, comfortable, sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and expressive of an individualistic personality. DSC caters to clients’ needs, yet strives to exceed their expectations.

Throughout the process of concept development to construction on the ground, DSC works hand in hand with its clients, enabling their dreams of shaping the future to come true.

For each and every project it takes on, DSC carefully selects a team based on its members’ relevant strengths and qualifications and assigns a project manager to oversee the work process. Following a kick-off meeting with the client, a road map is devised that sets milestones for each phase of the project. In further meetings With the client, options are laid out and the concept is finalized, at Which point the on-the-ground implementation begins.

Youth Center in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

An optimal balance is always sought among the competing constraints of cost, time, and performance, with priority placed on overall quality, efficiency, and innovative character. Throughout each project’s lifeline, teamwork based on a shared passion for the profession ensures that clients’ needs are creatively met and their expectations often exceeded. DSC fully dedicates itself to each project at Wand, fine-tuning every detail to reach the optimal solution.

King Faisal University Stadium

King Faisal University Stadium

Balance Between Form & Function DSC in Cooperation With Emad Mohamed Al Jabr consulting engineer as a local consultant designed King Faisal University Stadium in At-Ahsa, KSA. The university’s identity is visually expressed by its stadium due to location Which is an important factor during the university’s design. The Stadium has two positive points; the first one is the academic atmosphere, the second is being located on the freeway which makes a connection to the city atmosphere.

As a result, the design reflects both the academic side and the society that the university belongs to. The design idea has been invented to express the uses of palm derivatives. For instance, Palm Sunday, which determined the space, becomes an important wall that has been reflected to form a horizontal unit and contains a repeat and regular module that bends vertically to form the Saine Palm Sunday’s shape to the top which gives the joint wave sense that surrounds this ceremonial space.

The two crescents, of which one is larger than the Other, aim to provide collateral entrances the same as the ascending stands to reduce the pressure on the main entrance and exits.

In addition, it will receive a large number of crowds during different occasions which require more space.

As for the facilities of players and referees, locker rooms, halls, and waiting areas have been placed in the lower part of the stands, as well as a VIP platform that has been designed with special entrances.

On the other hand, the Physical Education Faculty building is linked to the stadium from the east in order to facilitate the connection between both buildings.

Generally, the stadium provides a clear vision Of What the local architecture can be, and how we can develop ideas not only from the historical and the heritage architectural point Of view but also from the surrounding environment.