Economical Environmental Housing… RECASTING OF THE ARAB HOUSING

Project Aim

Creating an architectural environment designed to build houses With the elements of economic cost and in accordance with the approved engineering standards.


The project design is inspired by Arabian heritage which is obviously shown in the void shape and the treatment of elevations which is taken from oriels that provides the known privacy idea in the Arabian community also inside the building.

Concept Brief

Mainly dealing with all surrounding environmental aspects that affect on building creating an interactive envelope that can protect the building from any environmental factors, and in the inside thinking about creating an element that affects the inner environment to be more healthy and controlled.

Project Visualizing

Creating a middle double volume void area makes a visual contact between the ground and first floor and also by creating an inner court that would also help in the cooling process of the space.

Construction Aspects

The construction process has three levels starts with establishing the fixed steel columns then the floor slabs and at last, the buildup window unit are prefabricated units from Etalbond (as it’s known for its toughness and lightness reducing the aluminum size by using only for outer cover and the inside the panels are with foam), the floor slabs are reinforced concrete and the upper roof slab from light concrete, the inner court carry the slabs loading on fixed columns.


Building envelope designed to convert 3 main positions. opening vertical to make a group of sun shades on the building and also have more space for air inside. Closing completely to protect the building from bad climatic changes like storms. Opening horizontal to make shade from the glass part on the unit and acceleration the air movement inside the building.