Estate – Just another

Estate – Just another
Estate - Just another
Estate – Just another one with nothing to be afraid of.

[12.12] The following has been amended in my reply:

“I do not accept all expressions and comments of dissent which imply that I am a political dissident or a socialist.”

“We have always believed that the interests of the Russian people and the rule of the law must be the paramount interests of our nation.”

“I have no desire to harm the rule of law.

“You are all right. When I was in prison you gave me water to drink. I believe in freedom of the press. All of them have the power to put me in jail.”

“I do not consider you a right-minded, socialist, revolutionary, political dissident.”

“If you want to put me in prison, you should do it, right?”

“No, I do not, I don’t agree. I do not want to offend the people. If I do my duty, you should let me be a martyr, an icon of the Russian people.”

“My first order will be to go to the President and ask him to send out a list of all of the political prisoners who will be tried by the Central Commission of Ukraine in connection with elections.


“And what kind of list of political prisoners will be used and shall have to be sent out?” Estate – Just another

“I am asking for