Flat Lot Competition

The American Institute Of Architects — Flint and Hint Public Art Project announce the first annual Flat Lot Competition, a program to design and build a temporary summer pavilion in the central parking lot in downtown Flint.

Formerly occupied by a series of buildings and Storefronts along Saginaw Street, the full—block parking lot known as the Flat Lot has a Staging ground for parades, flower—plantings. Car Shows, road races, and almost every sort of public event that draws large crowds. The Flat Lot Competiton seeks proposals to design and build an innovative temporary structure that provides shelter, shade, and seating for a wide of public events, defines space within the lot, and demonstrates the capacity of contemporary architectural form-making to space and captivate the public imagination— all While occupying no more than eight parking spaces during normal business. The winner Of the competition will receive $25,000 to realize their proposal.

The Flat Lot will be a new center and symbol for the city, an attraction for regional visitors, and a site that amplifies the many existing events that help define cultural life in Flint.