The flying carpet proposal by Michael Labory and Bertrand Schippan is a modular and sustainable cover with the goal of the efficient arrangement of functional facilities.

This is attained by putting them along the site border thus maximizing the space to be used for market. They revive the dull facade of the neighboring building the volume Of the facilities into the shape Of its Skyline. Among all Other things, it contributes to the increase in urban density as windowless facade becomes a part of the lively marketplace.

To protect the market users and the goods tiring heat of Morocco sun pouring rains we lifted the whole footprint of the marketplace. creating cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The sides of the market remain open to ensure maximum accessibility, visibility Of the goods on display and to benefit from natural cross ventilation.

The lifted structure itself offers a unique chance to assign additional functions to the roof and to Show its hidden potential. It takes a Shape of a pixelated Arabic carpet, where each pixel is a box (1m X 1m X 1.5m) in a grid. Pixel boxes are meant for salesmen to store their goods. The structure itself eliminates the need in assistance for constructing and dismantling market stands every time, which means direct savings for sellers and market authorities. Pixel boxes can be arranged at different levels thus becoming movable with goods displayed turning into guiding signs for users interconnected Storage pixel-boxes colored in traditional Shades of Arabic carpet on top and transparent on the sides constitute the roof fabric.

Structurally the roof is a (6 m x 6 m) supported by 10 hydraulic columns that also serve as water collectors support. The cover of the market is highly flexible thanks to its structure and offers a completely new landscape. It can be lifted up in the morning forming a covered marketplace.