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S.F. Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the incident came just a few days after the shooting death of two black men outside a Black Lives Matter rally in Charleston, South Carolina.

Sgt. Jonathan Brown, head of S.F.’s department, said on Wednesday that a black protester outside the Black Lives Matter rally was shot by officers at approximately 7:30 p.m., and said officers fired several times, only for the officer to shoot at the man in the first shot.

Police had not yet stated which officers were involved in Wednesday’s shooting https://et.top-fashion.shop/get-the-widest-range-of-used-car-in-sacramento-from-the-best-dealers/
“We’re extremely fortunate this didn’t happen just because we were getting shot,” Ross said Wednesday. “Onlookers in the neighborhood reported seeing the same situation around that time.”

Sgt. Jonathan Brown, head of S.F.’s department, said that the shooting was a “black man shot in the leg.” The city expects to pay out at least $1.8 million in damages and will review all of its other police departments to determine whether officers have a reasonable cause to believe it was justified.

“We are very, very sorry to see that this happened to a person who is a great community leader,” Brown said. “It was absolutely an act of criminal negligence.”

Police Chief James Craig, who was not available to comment for this story, said in a statement that he is reviewing the situation and “will continue to assist