HASSAN FATHI ..The Egyptian Architecture Icon

Countries of civilizations built-in history always reflect themselves on the personality of its sons, always do the of civilizations, and Egypt, in this regard. is on the top of these old civilizations to which its sons were joined, and it was joined to the world giving it from its spirit. and taught humanity many sciences, arts, and literature. So, in each specialization of science, art, and literature we also find Whose name is brightening, and who was famous around the world. being represents a feeder of its civilization or as a reflection on its spirit. Since the eloquent farmer, great divines, and belief in autism in the old centuries, Egypt generated many personalities. Who follows the Egyptian spirit never can be wrong with the appeared spirit existing in the voice of “Om Kalthoum” or “Abdul Wahab” in singing, and he also never be wrong with the literature of Al-Aqqad, Naguib Mahfouz, and Yahea Hakky, he also sees the spirit in the writing of El-Abnoudy and other poets.

In architecture, we find Hassan Fathy is on the top of the eminent persons in the field of arts, who is distinguished with his great experience and talent in the field of architecture than the rest of Egyptian architects and East, in addition to his capacity to reflect the spirit and culture of these people in its architecture. The specialist in the field of architecture can not be wrong with spirit pharaohs and Copts and the Islamic architecture in the works of Fathy, and he also could proficiently digest all Egyptian architecture characteristics in all its development steps and culture, climate, public traditions of Egypt. in addition to its religion. He could cleverly mix all this in one unique architecture, where no other body could do except him, like the creation of the character Of Egypt whether the place Or the time and people.

Sun Blocking System

The buildup detail design contains 3 parts: 2 solid parts and a glass one which consists of double layers of glass and between them is loaded with nitrogen gas. The nitrogen gas has the advantage of absorbing the thermal energy that comes from sun rays and emits a low quantity of it so it helps to keep the inner space cool.

Ventilation System

Air movement depends on two or more entrances and more entrances and three exits that give continuous air all day. The site was designed to make the air always passes through green areas and trees and outside the building on the eastern and northern corners for filtering the air.