Between interaction and privacy

Targeting a Client

The project is merely oriented towards groups of people that are not by any means seeking profit. These groups of people are those who believe in changing the present distorted state of architecture, where investment authorities transformed the architectural values into pure trading and marketing tools to achieve profit. Also away from the bureaucracy of the
governmental institutions which lead to inferior outputs.

On the contrary to the strategies of governmental or investment institutions, this concept reflects the principle of “residents
before residence”, or it is to say choosing your neighbors before your home. It is worth mentioning that this concept could easily be spread through today’s social internet networks because it is mainly oriented to people away from any organizational entities or authorities.

Proposed Concept

A residential building accommodating four families tied together socially and willing to live in what is so-called a “Family House”.
This specific social configuration imposes its requirements on the design of any residential building. Thus, a type of equation that includes several different variables has to be resolved. For instance providing; privacy for each family, specific
spatial needs of each family and on another hand providing spaces to motivate the principle of social participation and interaction. These social variables reflect a dimension, beyond architectural ones, that is usually ignored in the design processes, which is the “Human dimension”

Project Program

The architectural plan is a square of 19.5 m in length. Consisting of a ground floor, three floors, in addition to a basement and a roof space. Described as follow:

Residential Spaces: Four residential units with an area Of 145 m.sq. plus ” a private courtyard” for each unit with an area Of 36
m.sq. Each floor consists of one residential in between two perpendicular sides, as the floors get higher; the residential mass rotates anticlockwise pivoting around the center of the building where the main stairs are located. The rotation of the residential mass creates extra spaces, that might be one or two floors high, used as common gathering spaces for the inhabitants.

Recreational spaces

“Madyafa” on the ground floor is connected to a front garden and a stepped double-height lounge with a large screen as well as a
large library at the mezzanine and study areas on the second floor. A gym on the third floor including “Billiards _ Etc.” The
roof becomes a livable space with shaded seating areas and a kitchen in addition to a “Guest room”. And finally the basement
with a swimming pool. And a large garden and taking into account, the availability of necessary services such as bathrooms for all the functions above.

The Idea Of “Dowr” iS based on; (the absolute independence of each unit, is considered the basic philosophy that aspires to the whole building) The project is based on the idea of the diversity of the spaces
between the private spaces and those that reveal the notion of partnership between the people of the whole house and each other which brings at the end as an integrated community-based unit.