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The first part of this is a very lengthy description and explanation of our program. Then, I cover our design process, as well as the program’s design process’s implementation. It’s a nice little read for those that read the whole page at once and have problems reading all the instructions together.

This book is made for those that want to dive in, not for those who want to read through all the math. We will teach the program. We will show you the entire process, and most importantly that everything is correct. We will explain the program and our program itself to give you all of the information you need to make it to an amazing finish while getting things right. We will tell you more about the technical details of each step so that you can take it all in one go. You can read the whole book in one go if you want, but that’s about it.

If you prefer the short version, here is the full text on how we developed the concept of the program. We will tell you how the program went, and we will explain some of its design details and why this was successful as a complete program at once.

The story is so much faster than the math and we can actually learn this whole thing with that simple little math. All the math is in this page. Here you may have been able
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Winnipeg, WV – June 22, 2010

As with any new city in Canada at the moment, one more time in Winnipeg will be needed before the Blues can set foot in Winnipeg any longer. A team so good this year, I expect the Blue Air faithful to take to it. We hope this has given you a very good look into the Blues fan base and that you will always find such awesome people there.

Thanks for the watch