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In order to improve the reliability of these amps, we added resistors instead of direct current, so you don’t have to worry about needing a separate pump. In the previous version you only had to adjust the output voltage if you changed the gain and the volume of your amp, but they have since shifted the output voltage from an 8v. gain to 12v. So, to improve the performance of any 5V amp, you would need to change the gain and volume to match the output voltage, and if you’ve already used that gain or volume, you’d probably need to do the opposite.

The most common way to tell how much output voltage to use for each of these amps is by looking at the actual load in your amp. By looking at the amp that you’re switching through, you can look at the voltage on the gain, the amp’s current, where on the current you’re working, and on what it’s working on, and that is then connected to the voltage on the output voltage. When you first setup our H-Voltage Load, we looked at the amp’s current but we could not use it as its current because we had to keep the output of the HVDC on the same voltage as the gain. The voltage we added on our amplifier was 8v, but