Repair & Construction in Ngara

Repair & Construction in Ngara
Repair & Construction in Ngara

On April 27th, 2012 at 10:47 pm the world champion Rafiq Ahmed sent in a congratulatory text to the public: ‘Thank you to everyone who has supported or supported Aida while we’re in our new journey. You all feel the same way’.

Here’s a video of the video and of the ceremony happening:

Rafiq Ahmed says a ‘shocking and unbelievable’ rise will have to stop (from the World Championship)

The World Champion Aida was recently confirmed as New Zealand’s 2016 gold medalist and she will win it without the need for any previous formal Olympic ceremonies.

The ‘greatest thing’ of all was seeing her triumph in her country’s historic and exciting ‘Ring of Death’ where there was a massive brawl involving several people.

Rafiq Ahmed says her victory will help the New Zealand Olympics make it to Rio 2016

The world record-holder scored 942 in the first match in Rio, but by the time she reached that milestone the event had already been completed.

The team that won that day, the likes of Rami, Dwayne and Zara Bae, are also in attendance to watch the first half of the ‘Worst Man Alive’ fight in the country.

The fight, which takes place between world champion Zara and Rafiq Ahmed on the ring of Death, is expected to
Repair & Construction in Ngara

A great example of this is Ngara’s ongoing and ongoing work to provide a safe, reliable transportation system and also to raise awareness and confidence among those who are concerned about accidents. The $65M project includes pedestrian bridges (with a planned completion date in 2019), new public sidewalks (with a planned completion date in 2020 and 2017 and a major redesign project), and a new “gather and pack” service (a bicycle parking lot at Ngara Rd East). The project is an important piece of infrastructure for these cities.

Ngara has a unique and varied population which has many problems and challenges; however, as the project grows and becomes larger, Ngara is ready to support the needs in the people’s lives as it works. We are hoping to provide support by adding transportation infrastructure to help our community in Ngara meet these needs. https://jiji.co.ke/ngara/repair-and-construction
For more information, visit www.nj-trans.org or call 907-874-2724.

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