SITES INTERNATIONAL… A New Vision Of Landscape Architecture

Sites International is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm specialized in designing integrated environments where the built and natural environments blend to produce works of functional and visual harmony. Our unique design process has evolved over the years by a core team of design and management professionals. The wide variety of projects completed by Sites International include large leisure and touristic resorts, hotels, residential and commercial complexes, historical districts, educational facilities, parks, and open spaces. Over the past 25 years, Sites has established itself as a leading design with a team of 60 architects, landscape architects. urban designers and urban planners. Our prestigious international and clients include the United Nations Centre for Human Settlement (UNCHS), the United Nations Educational, Scientific. and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC). The American University as well as other prominent organisms in Egypt, the Gulf region, and Africa.


Uptown Cairo is an exclusive 4 million m2 mixed-use development in the Mokattam Hills Of Cairo. Sites International was responsible for the phased detailed planning of Uptown Cairo. full landscape design of the Sales Center grounds, the main arrival entrance and roads to Uptown Cairo, and, “Street of Dreams” landscape and streetscape which displays model villas. In addition, Sites International was responsible for the development of the tender documents of the various residential villages. Sites International’s experienced site supervision unit played an integral role in the technical coordination of the multiple contractors and design disciplines on this highly complex project.


Cairo Festival City (CFC) is a 3 million m2 premier, mixed-use development that together dining, entertainment hotels, luxury villas, apartment buildings, offices, schools, and an automotive park in one self—contained city. Sites International updated the master plan, prepared the detailed planning and landscape architecture for the entire site, and was responsible for CFC’s network of formal and informal vehicular and pedestrian pathways weave through the site, linking the residential and business districts, intimate parks, public squares and the retail district Oriana is the prime residential district in Cairo Festival City. Site International designed neighborhoods reflecting Spanish, French and Italian themes. On completion, around 13,000 residents.


Gardenia Park is an exclusive compound built in 6th Of October City on a 90-acre property. Sites International was entrusted with the architecture, landscape architecture, and engineering design of the clubhouse. The center includes a 250-person multipurpose hall, retail, and administrative space, and a gymnasium. Outdoor activities include swimming pools, tennis courts, a field, and a Children’s playground.


Pyramids Heights Park is a large office development with a site area of 118,600 m2. The landscape design objective is to transform the heart of the project from being asphalt road and parking into a lush garden with elegant paving to encourage pedestrian traffic. Masses of palm trees, shade trees, and groundcovers create an oasis effect. The linear green spine is connected to green courtyards adjacent to existing buildings. The landscape design also provides kiosks for food and beverage with sitting shaded areas.