X-Pression Long Braids

X-Pression Long Braids
X-Pression Long Braids
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This cartoon is rare in that it is black and white. I have already checked all the cartoons to the end and now I will write all the black and white cartoons here. Fortunately, there are quite a few of them, but the films are black and white, oddly enough … read more >>
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A new factory village in the Urals. The machine-building plant receives a complaint from the builders of the hydroelectric power station for the breakdown of one of the excavators.
The builders believe that the breakdown was due to a factory defect. To establish the real reason, a commission headed by Roman (Afanasy Kochetkov) is sent from the plant to the hydroelectric power station, which also includes his friend, a first-class locksmith Peter (Yevgeny Lazarev). Roman learns that his wife fell in love with his work partner, Peter.
last information update: 08/05/21
I wonder why the role of Anna Obrucheva was voiced by Maria Vinogradova … read more >> https://jiji.ug/kampala/hair-beauty/x-pression-long-braids-mfG33w28Y3Bd3YkCrSibnmNf.html
A. Kochetkov was 30 years old during the filming (1961), but according to the plot he managed to fight and rose to the rank of captain. And the girl Valya went to the construction site in a beautiful dress and heels. read more >>
I don’t know what Roman can admire as a man and husband. He is a real house builder, the owner who determines everything in the family, whether his wife should work or not, go to visit or not go and, finally, whom to love … read more >>
A beautiful fairy tale on an industrial theme. It is difficult to imagine that even in Soviet times the boss treated his subordinate (his wife’s lover) so nobly, and that such an “action” happened … read more >>
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