Hisham Ghorab

Founded in 1989 by Arch. Hisham Ghorab & Eng. Ehab El Khodary, Style Design is one of the leading companies in the industry paving its way through contemporary & innovative designs. It is a creative hub based on the collaboration of former design experts with the innovative thinking of young
designers. Moreover, seamlessly merging elements of tradition and modernity creates timeless turnkey

A range of work on an international scale including commercial, residential, and hospitality
projects. Style Design strives along the vision of creating user-centric experiences and enhancing
finely executed spaces through story-telling and functionality.

A Vision of Fine Execution and Functionality

Style Design seeks to find an opportunity in every challenging project. Each intricate step of the process is conducted with utmost care and precision with the aim of delivering results to the heightened. Throughout the creative cycle, they develop design solutions supporting visions while carrying out all the
necessary needs to deliver a successful project. Furthermore, providing clients with an unparalleled service when it comes to construction and renovation.

This vision comes to life across their strategy that several associates implement with each doing a part, but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole, creating a functional future through the power of INTERIOR DESIGN.

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