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Hany Saad

Hany Saad Innovations is a success story written over 17 years by Hany Saad himself. An architecture and interior design firm that serves top-notch iconic designs on both a local and international base, under the
creative vision and direction of the design’s man of the hour, Hany Saad.

Since 2003, Hany Saad Innovations has completed more than 800 projects across Africa and the Middle East ranging from private residential villas to multiuse commercial projects, clubs, hotels, shopping malls, administrative buildings, and ultra-luxurious residential compounds. It has become an international brand with a diverse team spread across multiple disciplines. HSI’s designs have evolved to blend cultural insight and contemporary luxury for multinational clientele. Taking pride in an irreproachable commitment to quality in providing only the highest standard of design and material.

Renowned for an experimental style, innovative concepts, and highly expressive designs marked by mixed materials and dynamic forms, he is considered a pioneer in contemporary and modern grandeur architecture styles in the region. Hany Saad masterminded the designs of Eastside Mall by Castle Development, Garden 8 Mall, and Vinci Boutique Luxury Living Compound located in the New Capital, both developed by Misr Italia Properties, and many other commercial, administrative and residential projects. Today Hany Saad’s innovative designs and experimental styles gain him notoriety among celebrities, entrepreneurial innovators, prominent aristocratic families, and leading
real estate developers.

To date, the total number of employees at HSI is 240 full-time employees and around 50 on a part-time basis. HSI’s business model incorporates local and international brands with multiple partnerships including but not limited to Schneider Electric, Jotun, and Grohe.

As a car enthusiast and owner of many sports cars, Hany Saad was chosen by Jaguar to be their brand
ambassador, featuring in partnership with their E-PACE model.

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